3 Reasons to Choose Heat-Soaked Glass for Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Heat Soaked Glass


Choose Heat Soaked Glass to prioritize safety and reduce the risk of unforeseen breakage in tempered glass. By subjecting the glass to a rigorous heat soak test, the likelihood of unexpected fractures caused by nickel sulfide (NiS) inclusions is significantly diminished. Incorporating heat-soaked glass is a wise decision for three compelling reasons:

1. Minimized risk of spontaneous breakage: The process of heat soaking effectively reduces the chances of spontaneous breakage, preventing sudden fractures caused by microscopic impurities like NiS inclusions.

2. Enhanced safety: With a lower risk of spontaneous breakage, buildings become safer environments, as the potential for injury or damage resulting from glass breakage is greatly mitigated.

3. Adherence to building codes: Numerous building codes require the use of heat-soaked glass in specific applications, particularly in structural glass assemblies, to ensure safety and minimize the risk of breakage.

At Hartung, we have invested in cutting-edge Heat Soak Test Equipment, dedicated to meeting the market's demands. Our equipment can handle sizes up to 95" x 165", providing an effective solution to reduce the risk of post-installation breakage due to the potential presence of Nickel Sulphide stone inclusions.

By choosing heat-soaked glass, you can enjoy increased safety, compliance with building codes, enhanced peace of mind, and improved longevity. This choice is particularly crucial in applications where tempered glass is exposed to high stress, such as structural glass assemblies or areas with frequent human proximity to the glass.


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