Benefits of Diamon-Fusion®

Advanced protection for glass railings

Diamon-Fusion® is an ultra-thin, UV resistant, protective glass coating that transforms ordinary glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface. Similar to how a non-stick cooking pan works, surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion® become easier to clean and requires less care to maintain. 

The invisible barrier created in the Diamon-Fusion® process is also extremely smooth, which helps prevent environmental pollutants, hard water, and soap scum from damaging the glass. 

At a microscopic level, glass is quite rough. Inevitably, this allows minerals from hard water, soap scum, and environmental pollutants to easily penetrate the surface causing unwanted stains. Diamon-Fusion® prevents this from happening by creating an ultra-thin, transparent barrier that seals the glass. 

Its patented, two-step process chemically bonds to the glass filling in the microscopic peaks and valleys of the surface.

Suitable for Multiple Glass Types

  • Shower doors
  • Glass railings
  • Glass tabletops
  • Windows and skylights
  • Solar panels

Additional Benefits & Features

  • Reduces cleaning time and maintenance costs
    Makes glass easier to clean and reduces cleaning time
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
    Protects glass against long-term staining, etching, and corrosion
  • Enhances glass brilliance
    Improves clarity and aesthetics of glass surface
  • Eco-friendly and UV resistant
    100% optically clear and will not breakdown in sunlight
  • Can contribute to LEED points
    DFI has published HPD’s for Diamon-Fusion (available on HPD Public Repository)
  • Lifetime warranty on residential surfaces - 15-year warranty on commercial surfaces 
    From interior glass to high-rise buildings and everything in between
  • Scratch resistant 
    Helps prevent abrasions

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