What is Security Glass?

Hartung Safety Glass

Security glass or Safety Glass is a broad category of fortified glass that is used to help resist breakage when encountering projectiles, natural disasters, and even explosions. They consist of laminated glass systems, meaning that two or more sheets of glass are permanently bonded together by an interlayer (see Laminated Glass products page for a more detailed product description). By modifying the heat-treatment of the glass, the number of panes and the interlayer material, various levels of strength and resistance can be achieved.

Security Glass Provides:

  • Safety - Security glass provides protection under various threat levels and also tends to remain intact after breakage.
  • Versatility - There are four main levels of resistance with security glass: forced-entry resistant, bullet resistant, blast resistant, and hurricane resistant. These products can all be used in various applications like windows, doors, railings, barriers, and floors.
  • Barrier to UV & Sound - Laminated glass products like those used in security glazing applications are known to block over 99% of harmful UV rays and can serve as a sound barrier that can minimize acoustical transmission.

Hartung’s SchoolShield forced-entry resistant glass is designed to protect against hand-held or thrown objects. Bullet-resistant glass will provide protection against projectiles fired by small arms and high-powered rifles. Blast-resistant laminates are designed to resist against the direct blasts from shock waves and help maintain the structural integrity. Finally, hurricane-resistant glazing is tested to provide protection in extreme windstorms. 

Whatever your needs may be with Security Glass, Hartung has the capabilities to work with you to develop the product that will meet the requirements of your projects.

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