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Hartung Safety Glass

What is Security Glass?

Security glass or Safety Glass is a broad category of fortified glass that is used to help resist breakage when encountering projectiles, natural disasters, and even explosions. They consist of laminated glass systems, meaning that two or more sheets of glass are permanently bonded together by an interlayer (see Laminated Glass products page for a more detailed product description). By modifying the heat-treatment of the glass, the number of panes and the interlayer material, various levels of strength and resistance can be achieved.

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7 Uses for Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is constructed by permanently bonding two or more lites of glass together with a polymeric interlayer sheet using a process that involves exposure to cycles of heat and pressure within a specialized autoclave chamber. The interlayers secure the glass to create a strong, uniformed layer even when broken. Laminated glass comes in a variety of thicknesses and different glass combinations, interlayer components or coatings.

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